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Kodak and Nikon Professional Digital Cameras

These professional Kodak and Nikon digital cameras have been programmed to meet all of your medical needs. Coupled with ExamComplete, they will digitize and store all patient records, x-rays, film jackets and reports, in the DICOM medical format. TIFF and JPEG are also available. With a 2000 x 3000 pixel CCD or 3000 x 4500 CMOS, they can consistently produce sharp 14" x 17" full size images in full color. With an ISO range of 80 up to 800, lighting is no problem. If speed is an issue, high-speed burst rates are available before writing to the on-board PC card is needed. They can be used in stand-alone or tethered operation.

Kodak DCS 14n Professional Camera Nikon D100 Professional Camera
  • Megapixels - 14
  • Resolution - 210 lp/min to 750 lp/max
  • Grayscale Depth - 256  to 4096
  • Color Depth - 24 bits to 36 bits

Camera Announcement & Particulars

  • Megapixels - 6
  • Resolution - 140 lp/min to 500 lp/max
  • Grayscale Depth - 256 to 4096
  • Color Depth - 24 bits to 36 bits

Breakthrough Technology

Over the past 8 years we have been handling grayscale in 8 bit, 10 bit and 12 bit producing images from 256 to 4096 shades of gray. Linear scanners, CR's and DR's have been the primary sources of full size 14" x 17" grayscale images. Typical linear resolutions are in the range of 125 to 140 dpi.

More recently we have been working with large array CCD's in the grayscale area and are now working with color CCD's to cover our expanded imaging requirements. The color CCD's produce an amazing 36 bits of color and 12 bits of grayscale and offer the advantage of instant exposure. With a zoom lens attached, the linear resolution range is from 140/min to 500/max. With high-speed storage, exposures can be taken almost as fast as you can take a picture.

Stand-Alone Camera 
Operation Includes
Halo Document
Lighting Includes
Tethered Operation
  • Nikon F5 Camera Body
  • Nikkor 24-120 Zoom Lens
  • NiCad Battery
  • 128 Meg PC Card
  • JPEG, TIFF or Kodak DCR Formats
  • D100 and N14 Mount
  • 6500 K Circular Fluorescent Light
  • Instant-On Ballast 
  • Flat Lighting for Objects and Documents
  • Direct Writing of DICOM Files
  • Patient Information Included
  • Large Storage Capability
  • Network Connection Capable
  • PACS ready


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