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Announcing the NEW
Kodak DCS 14n Pro Camera

Parameter Developments is pleased to announce the availability of Kodak's newly released DCS14n, 36 bit, 14 MegaPixel Professional Camera. The specifications of this camera fit well in the health care field and allows for the creation of digital images on everything from 'property to patient information'.

This Kodak camera was selected for inclusion into the PDI product line due to its landmark resolution and programming capabilities that allow it to work into a PACS system. With the PDI software, the camera becomes a stand-alone PACS unit capable of reporting all radiology documentation (in grayscale or color) including:


Fitting seamlessly into the international DICOM standard, these x-ray images, as well as complete patient information, can be sent anywhere in the world.

Digitized images can be stored in your archive database and can be made available to your patients and referring physicians. The image can be viewed on the physician's PC and/or printed directly, thereby significantly reducing both storage and copying costs. 

This very affordable camera is now shipping and is available through Parameter Developments, Inc. Demonstrations are available to show how this camera will fit into your digital information world. 


You may download a printable copy of our DCS14n Product Information Sheet
(Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

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