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ExamComplete Digitizing System

Digital imaging is the expanding direction in health care. Film storage is a major problem since it is difficult to manage, is labor intensive and requires large amounts of space. 

However, since there is still a need to view film, ExamComplete is a hybrid approach that merges the traditional system with PACS. It maintains the original film while producing digital copies for distribution and archival purposes.


- The traditional approach to film handling -


- The ExamComplete approach to film handling -

ExamComplete is an inclusive digitizing system for all radiology medical records…the x-ray film, all paper reports and even the film jacket.  Microsoft’s arsenal of tools, including the NT-based operating systems with SQL data management, is used as a low-cost solution to the film storage problems.

Digitizes X-Rays Digitizes Film Jacket Digitizes Patient Record

ExamComplete offers high volume throughput, high resolution and the density depth required to capture x-ray film and provide the detail included on the film. It works with large array scanners (cameras) and produces DICOM files with all required patient information and attached image.

The traditional radiologic reading path, in which the Radiologist reads the films, is maintained, and the digitized image can be used for archival storage, viewing and copy distribution.


ExamComplete Components

Optional - Professional NIKON D100 digital camera and the new Canon series Comparative Small Footprint to of high resolution digital cameras are also available.

Recommended Placement of ExamComplete 

Small Footprint when compared 
to other Digitizers

Alternate (or Additional) Placement of ExamComplete 






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